To Blog

To Blog is to share that crazy train of thought that is constantly barreling through your mind with anyone bored enough to read about it.

Whats chugging through my mind? More often than not, little tidbits on the struggles and successes of a twentysomething, moving across the country, being a lady, maybe saving a dollar here and there, and life in general. I’m not a writer by any means, but I hope that somebody finds me a little bit witty every once in a while. If my stories and insights make even the slightest difference, well, then I still haven’t really accomplished much. My job is not to entertain or enlighten, but I hope to make it a hobby! Thanks for stopping by, and feel free to say what you will on any of my posts.

6 thoughts on “To Blog

  1. Ashley

    Hey, I just saw your recent SC blog posted on a friends Facebook and since diving into your writing……We. Need. To. Hang. Out. I went to SC, live in Livingston, originally from Maine, in love with the PATS and am used to being called “basic” once fall comes around. Hit me up ~ Ashley Peterson.


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