Lets Talk Like Adults: On Engagements

Hello, everyone! First off, I would like to rationalize my lack of posting in the past week or so: I am a busy lady. I know my career has been a bit of a secret to anyone who doesn’t know me well, but I work in the Athletic Department at Montana State University, and this weekend is Homecoming, which means an influx of people, an influx of emails, and a serious lack of enough hours in the day to get everything done! In fact, I am typing this in segments, taking little breaks to maintain sanity. I can’t pretend I didn’t know what I was getting into when I decided I wanted to work in collegiate athletics, but still.

Lets just say that my body is probably at least 50% coffee at all times.

Anyways, While I am off living in the mountains in the northwestern side of the country taking the opportunity of living alone to focus on my career, something strange is happening back home.  Everyone is talking about the Fall Equinox, but they are pronouncing it incorrectly. It is the Fall Equengagementox. That’s right, I snuck a word in there, and if you read it really slowly out loud, it sounds an awful lot like ENGAGEMENT.  I guess I haven’t thought about it too much, but it is now socially acceptable for people my age to start tying the knot. Don’t get me wrong, whatever marriage path you decide to take, I support you, but if you’re looking at the bell curve of age of engagement, we are heading fast out of outliers and into that 99% majority range (Thanks, Dr. Mullin, my favorite stats instructor, for allowing me to have the knowledge to make a mathy reference like that. I’m sure that was your intention. Sorry I never could draw a good looking bell curve).

This makes me feel uncertain. Your Mid 20’s are a time of confusion and complexity that nobody can seem to handle these days. Here is what I’m really concerned about: Some people my age are getting engaged, and others are on tinder. There are supposedly comical twitter and instagram posts about the lack of interest in relationships that some people have, and yet others of the same age are completely invested in their love life. I don’t fall into either category. I am in a wonderful (albeit long distance) relationship, and we aren’t swaying to one side of the love spectrum or the other- we are comfortably dating. I just don’t know where that puts me on everyone elses scale! It seems its popular to be engaged, and also popular to make a funny post about Pizza being your one true love. The traditional relationship is at odds here, and I don’t like it.

Like i said earlier, to each their own, and I hope everyone does what make them happy and what is right for them, even if it is at the expense of my sanity.